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French Knife integral bolster
French Knife integral bolster

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Knife for sale:  a Bowie knife that doubles as your kitchen chopper!  $245.  Ready for your New Years party!!

For Sale  For Sale  For Sale  For Sale

Throwing hawk for sale:. right out of the forge, with hammer marks and scale… Rrrrr! $125.

For Sale  For Sale  For Sale


Baby Flint Lock for sale. French Coat Pistol Lock ca 1770's. 2.8" overall. Functional!! Very popular with the builders of Miniature rifles and fowlers. Made from castings I made from an Original. Only one available now. $575.

For Sale  For Sale For Sale  For Sale


1. Beautiful polled Axe. Hand-forged one-piece head with Case-hardened cutting edge and colorful Finnish. Long curly Maple Haft is octagonal and ergonomic. Not a thrower, this head is wedged-on for serious work! $159.

2. Two Plug Bayonets French-American style ca. 1680-1720, forged from files. .69 cal tapered friction fit into the Bore. Appropriate for FRENCH AND INDIAN WAR re-enactors. Razor sharp. No sheath (make your own). The guard is a tool: top arm is a small hammer and the bottom arm is a turn-screw! All period correct!! $395.

For Sale 


FUSIL DE TRAITE (trade gun) Type C.  1710-1730 This was the first "pattern" of gun intended for trade to the Natives. While very few seem to have survived intact, they were imported in huge numbers to North America for the  trade.  They were brass or iron mounted and the later versions , the "Type D".. used a solid sideplate engraved with hunting scenes or panoply of arms, etc.  ...this gun is Brass mounted with fancy pierced sideplate and flaming torch finials.  These came in caliber ranging from 28 balls to the pound to 20 balls/pound (58-62 cal) .... this one is .58.  The Lock is from Track of the Wolf (with the engraving removed) and is a very good lock!    Barrel is Colerain Octagon-round in 44".  Stock is Walnut with lock moldings and a faint two line molding along the barrel channel.  This barrel has a silver front blade and no ear sight, but there IS a dovetail for a rear sight cut into the barrel near the breech if a person wanted to install one, just knock out the dovetail plug.....the type C gun had an unusual cast brass rear sight on some of them................................................!SOLD!

Fusil de Traite- type C  Fusil de Traite- type C  Fusil de Traite- type C  Fusil de Traite- type C  Fusil de Traite- type C  Fusil de Traite- type C  Fusil de Traite- type C  Fusil de Traite- type C 


FRENCH COAT PISTOL 1760-80   This is the "Derringer" of it's day ....(120 years before Derringer).  These were the merchant's and civilian's protection gun.  This is my first gun assembled from raw castings I had made from an ORIGINAL COAT PISTOL of mine.  Those parts sets are available to builders and can be found elsewhere on the site...... assembled locks are also available for $495.    This gun is 40 cal and fully functional. FUN! .......................$1500

Coat Pistol  Coat Pistol  Coat Pistol  Coat Pistol     


I buy and make what I like to have. Besides my own guns, there's antique items: guns, knives, hand-forged traps. There is also my own knives, hawks, traps, and accoutrements.

in shop

For those wanting something not available above, I can build it as a special order, whether it's a gun, knife, trap, hawk. A waiting period will apply and may be as short as a few days for a hawk or knife and as long as a year or two for a hand-forged gun. Every item is unique — no two will be exactly the same.

I enjoy researching a style of work and then bring the best aspects from several pieces in the same style or maker to life with my own interpretation of that style, developing a superior product from that.

Donelson Custom Cherry

Terms are $1,000 down payment for a gun, balance prior to delivery. Lead time is usually six months to a year. Satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back.

You can see me at the upcoming shows:

    March 9-10 New Ulm Trade Fair, Turner Hall.  
    March 30 Heritage Arms Show, Eagen Community Center. Pilot Knob road.  
    August 23-24 CLA, Contemporary Longrifle Show. Rupp Arena Lexington, Kentucky  

    Check back often to see schedule of shows!
If you want more information on any of these events you can email me here: Email Me Here!

Donelson Wheatley
I always have an inventory ready for immediate shipment. Some items for immediate sale are shown above.

Perhaps you know just what you want or have seen an old antique that you wish you had. Looking through books with photos of original antiques is a good way to determine what styles you like. Right hand or left. French and Indian War period to the Plains Rifle... all are possible.

We can use store-bought parts or I can hand-forge everything depending on your pocket book and your desire. I always supply my clients with photos of their gun in progress from the beginning pile of parts/materials to the finished piece (shows them that I didn't go to Jamaica with their down payment!).

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